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Deep Rock Galactic was one of the free games in January 2022 for Playstation Plus subscribers. It is likely that there are many people who are reading this guide trying to decide if they want to start playing it. So, we might as well get this out of the way first and talk about the elephant in the room, Difficultyand Estimated Time To Platinum.

DRG is a cooperative first person shooter that can be played both solo and multiplayer with trophies requiring you to play both. It merges classic FPS elements that we all know and mining ores and minerals like Minecraft with Cel Shaded Graphics.

It is a fantasticgame however trophy hunters need to know that if you are going for the Deep Rock Galactic Trophy Guide • (1)this game is long, it is designedto be long and keep you playing for months or years, think MMOs or games like Destiny. There are no shortcuts or exploits that you can use just good old fashioned playing and grinding each day.

The 300 hour tag is more of a meeting in the middle point, there could be people who play nothing but this game every day who could smash it out in 200 hours, or there could be players who take 400 plus to get the platinum. The reason for the super high numbers is because of the dwarf Promotion trophies, specifically having all 4 classes reach Gold Promotion status. For more information see Deep Rock Galactic Trophy Guide • (2)Legendary Team.

The high difficulty flag is because this game at the highest difficulty levels are no joke. You could easily die in seconds if you are not careful at any point in time and will require incredible skill and communication with a team if you are playing multiplayer. Look for the few trophies talking about Hazard Level 5 in this guide for more information. If you are going for the 100% with the free DLC you will want to look at the Deep Dives DLC Trophy Guide.

(Video) Deep Rock Galactic Achievements Guide

There have been a lot of reports of bugged trophies for a range of people on both PS4 and PS5. There does not seem to be any way to narrow down or replicate these issues and it seems to be random trophies that are affected. As such, there will be no buggy tag as it could potentially be on all of them. People have reported trophies not unlocking for reaching 10 Milestones to killing 40 Dreadnoughts and beyond.

The Developers are aware and have said that they are looking into it to find the issue and fix it in a later update. Given that this is a large game grind wise it is recommended to just keep playing and work towards the platinum and eventually the fix will be implemented as the dev team is quite responsive to its community.

Playstation Accolades were introduced with the launch of the PS5. They are only available for multiplayermatches and are tied to your PSN account. They are similar to trophies in that they are virtual and offer no value or incentive to actually get and most developers have largely ignored them to the point that most people probably do not even know that they exist. Deep Rock Galactic is likely one of the first if not thefirst game to actually implement them into their game for you to easily access.

At the end of each mission on the post-mission screen you will see an option in the top right of your screen to give a player an Accolade with Deep Rock Galactic Trophy Guide • (3). It is always worth handing Accolades out to people as it is a good way to promote a welcoming community and there is no reason to not hand them out as it does not cost you anything!

Currently there are 4 accolades on PlayStation;

  • Helpful - Generous, effective communicator, team-oriented.
  • Good Sport - Positive, honorable, respectful.
  • Leader - Leads the way, makes the call, crafts the plan.
  • Welcoming - Accepting of others, open, friendly.

There are also 3 rules to follow when it comes to Accolades;

  1. You can give 3 Accolades per match.

    (Video) Deep Rock Galactic Time Well Spent Achievement & Trophy Guide

  2. You can only give Accolades to players who aren't your friends.

  3. You can only give 1 Accolade to the same player within 12 hours.

Deep Rock Galactic Trophy Guide • (4)

This guide is color coded to try and make it easier for finding for a specific things within the guide:

  • Blue Text will contain Perks, Missions or Assignments.
  • Green Text will contain Locations or Terminals.
  • Red Text will contain Important Advice or other Important things that need to stand out.
  • Orange Text will contain Weapons, Equipment or Throwables.
  • Gold Text will contain NPCs and Character Classes.
  • Purple Text will contain Minerals & Resources.
  • Teal text will contain the Creatures of Hoxxes IV.

There are 2 ranking systems in Deep Rock Galactic. The Experience Level is the rank of your dwarf that will go from 1 to 25 and will be the number on your icon on the top left of your screen. On the 25th level you will be eligible for the dwarf to be Promoted.

The Player Rank is the blue hexagon symbol at the top right of your screen. This rank is tied to you as a player across all of your characters and is split into 3 chunks with 1 bar being filled up every time that you gain an Experience Level from one of the dwarves so you will need to level up 3 times before you level up once on your Player Rank.

The maximum possible Player Rank with 1 dwarf is 33 so if you want to raise it higher you will need to play as the other 3 classes as well. There are also certain activities and items such as Weaponsthat will be locked behind your current Player Rank so there is always incentive to keep working on it to increase it.

Player Rank


Experience Level

Total XP





Rock Hauler




Cave Runner




Stone Breaker




Pit Delver




Rookie Miner




Authorized Miner




Senior Miner




Professional Miner




Veteran Miner




Expert Miner




Elite Miner




Supreme Miner




Master Miner




Epic Miner




Legendary Miner



36 - 40

Mythic Miner



41 - 45

Stone Guard



46 - 50

Honor Guard



51 - 55

Iron Guard



56 - 60

Giant Guard



61 - 65

Night Carver



66 - 70




71 - 75

Gilded Master




Lord of the Deep



There are a large number of creatures and species on the planet of Hoxxes IV with most of them being dangerous and out to kill you. The following list will contain the creatures that are worth standing out and mentioning for various reasons and then the table below will contain images of the rest that can be found in the game but hold no real significance to stand out. It can safely be assumed that you will need to shoot anything that moves and avoid anything that is brightly colored!

(Video) This Used To Be In Deep Rock Galactic!?

The Caretaker can only be found in Industrial Sabotage Missions and is a gigantic robot The mission objective will require you to steal the data rack which which robot is protecting, In the Miners manual you can also see that this is actually one of the rival companies of the Deep Rock Galactic Corporation.

The Caretaker is one of the hardest enemies in the game to defeat and is akin to fighting a Dreadnought or arguably even more dangerous. It will have giant robot snake like arms that shoot out of the ground as part of its repertoire of attacks that it will dish out. If you are taking this on make sure you are well prepared with plenty of Ammo!

Deep Rock Galactic Trophy Guide • (5)Caretaker

Deep Rock Galactic Trophy Guide • (6)Cave Leech

The Cave Leech is one of the silent killers of the game. They will always be found stuck up on the roof of the cave and descend their tentacle to grab unsuspecting players and drag them up to the roof to eat them. Given that they make no sound until they almost grab you, by that time it is already too late and you will likely always get snagged by these as they are also quite rare to spawn so you will always forget they exist until they grab you.

The main tentacle also has a pretty decent range on it and will be able to snake and follow a dwarf pretty far to grab them. If grabbed they will not let go until all of your health is gone or Bosco or another player shoots and kills it upon which is will slowly drop you back to the ground, usually without you getting fall damage. There is also a modifier called Cave Leech Cluster which increase the spawn rate of these guys and will usually always have at least 2 or 3 of them in the same cave so always look up if you are playing with this modifier on!

The Glyphid Acid Spitter is a ranged attack bug, it has no melee attacks and will always try to keep their distance. Once they have a lock on you they will shoot Acid Balls at you. While they are harder to see on cave walls and the roof you can usually follow the trajectory of the Acid once you have been hit.

Most of the time these spitters are just a nuisance however on Hazard Level 5 and Deep Dives they become the highest priority as their attack can one shot kill you so whenever you see one crawling down to you on the roof kill it as quickly as possible!

Deep Rock Galactic Trophy Guide • (7)Glyphid Acid Spitter

Deep Rock Galactic Trophy Guide • (8)Glyphid Exploder

The Glyphid Exploder is another mostly silent creature who will surry across the ground and when they get close to you they will shake and then detonate. There are 2 variations of this creature, the magma variant and the radioactive variant with both behaving in the same way. The only sound indication that you will receive is from when they first bury out of the ground and then they will hiss just before exploding.

There will usually always be multiple exploders at once so you might be able to shrug off one or 2 but if you get caught unawares from a swarm you will most certainly go down. Take particular care of the Exploder Infestation modifier if it is active on a mission!

The Glyphid Grunt is the face of the game, this is your most common enemy and you will be killing thousands of them! There is nothing overly special about them in that they have no abilities or attacks outside of biting however they can still swarm and overwhelm you if you are careless while playing.

Deep Rock Galactic Trophy Guide • (9)Glyphid Grunt

Deep Rock Galactic Trophy Guide • (10)Glyphid Grunt Guard

The Glyphid Grunt Guard is almost exactly the same as its brother the normal grunt, however guards will have armor on their front legs which give them damage reduction if you are shooting them from the front. They will also pack a bit more of a hit when slashing at you with their front legs.

True to their name, the Glyphid Menace is a huge menace! They are bigger, tougher and sneakier cousins of the Acid Spitter and behave in a similar way. They will stick to the roof and walls and shot at you however their attack is like a submachine gun volley that will never end unless you hit them at least once. Once you fire back at them they will burrow back into the earth and pop up in a completely different location to try and catch you unaware.

These should always be a high priority no matter what mission type or hazard level that you are playing on, they can absolutely destroy you, your team, the Drilldozer or anything it sees if you let them!

Deep Rock Galactic Trophy Guide • (11)Glyphid Menace

Deep Rock Galactic Trophy Guide • (12)Glyphid Oppressor

The Oppressor is a level just beneath a Dreadnought. If a Dreadnought is the parents this is the uncle. They are extremely dangerous and have a lot of health, they have armor completely surrounding their body and can also dig their way through walls to get to you.

If you are going to attack this you NEED to get behind it to hit the small weak point or all you are going to do is waste your ammo. Even the Drillers Cryo weapon only freezes the Oppressor for a couple of seconds.They also have a lot of attacks at their disposal. The ground stomp is a Area of Effect attack that will cause the ground to launch up and down in rock pillars that will send you flying across the map. They can use a slam that destroys the terrain around it like Dreadnoughts, they can create a shockwave that pushes you away from it if you ever get too close, not that you would want to. And to top it all off the Gunners shield will not block the Oppressor AoE attacks! When you see one coming it is the highest priority, spread out and try to get one dwarf to distract it and others to get behind it and aim for the weak point.

The Praetorian is a Glyphid Grunts older brother, this is the game starting to get serious now. There are 3 variants, where the Regular one will spit acid, the Frost one will spit ice and finally the Radioactive one will shoot radios? at you.

The Praetorians are much bigger than regular Glyphids and are also slower. While not overly dangerous by themselves they can gang up and have several spawn at once. Their main attack will be to get close to you then spit a jet stream of whatever variant they are towards you. Upon their death they will explode in a cloud of acid, ice or radioactive waste that will linger in the air for a handful of seconds before dissipating so keep this in mind if you are in close quarters fighting in a small tunnel as you might not be able to get away from the gas cloud.

Deep Rock Galactic Trophy Guide • (13)Glyphid Praetorian

Deep Rock Galactic Trophy Guide • (14)Glyphid Grunt Slasher

The Glyphid Grunt Slasher is by far the most annoying melee focused regular enemy. They will have sharp spikes on their forearms and lage blades for front feet. While the attack themselves are not overly hurtful (depending on Hazard Level) the most dangerous and annoying thing about slashers is when they hit you they will stun you in what seems to be a 100% success rate.

If you are stunned you will still be able to move and do everything like normal however your speed will be severely reduced to an almost walking pace. This can spell certain death if you are trying to run away from a swarm!

The Web Spitters are another ranged attack only creatures. They behave in the same way as their Acid Spitter brothers in that they will be found on walls or the roof and will actively try to stay away from you, if you get too close to them they will try to flee to get to a safe distance.

When they shoot they will produce a web that will encase you, if it hits it will slow down your movement and block your vision with webs all over the screen for as long as you have the webbed status effect active which lasts around 4 seconds. 4 Seconds is a longtime when you are on Hazard 5 trying to stay alive!

Deep Rock Galactic Trophy Guide • (15)Glyphid Web Spitter

Deep Rock Galactic Trophy Guide • (16)Glyphid Swarmer

The Glyphid Swarmers as their name suggests are the ultimate weapon to swarm and overwhelm you. They are one of very few creatures on the planet that are small enough to kill in 1 hit with just your pickaxe, however they usually come in swarms of 20 .

While they do bite at your ankles on the lower Hazard Levels simply having the Thorns Perk active will be enough to kill them without you having to worry too much. However, on the higher difficulties or playing a mission with the Swarmageddon modifier active you can get in excess of 20 to 40 swarmers at once which is easily enough to decimate the shield and health of any dwarf if you get caught in their path.

The Warden on its own is a defenceless creature, neither attacking you or defending itself if you attack it if it is by itself. The main ability of the Warden comes into play when it is surrounded by other enemies.

The Warden has the ability to act as a support buff to any enemy inside its immediate vicinity, it will create a purple arc beam linking itself to several enemies around it to buff their physical attack capabilities. Basically it uses pheromones to juice up enemies with steroids to make everything harder to kill

Deep Rock Galactic Trophy Guide • (17)Glyphid Warden

Deep Rock Galactic Trophy Guide • (18)Huuli Hoarder

The Huuli Hoarder is a weird creature. If is fairly rare with a 15% chance of spawning. It is completely docile with no forms of attacks, in fact when you hit it, it will shriek and try to flee giving you several seconds to kill it before it disappears into a wall and despawns.

If you manage to kill a Huuli Hoarder before it disappears it will explode with various crafting materials that you can collect. In fact, it is the ONLY way to collect crafting materials in Deep Dives. Depending on the Hazard Level and mission type you will need to decide if it is worth emptying a few magazines to kill it, if you can even do so before it runs away which is hard at it has a good bit of health and is quite fast!

If the Glyphid Swarmers are the anklebiters of the ground then the Naedocyte Shockers are the air variants. These little creatures will fly at you in swarms of at least a dozen and when they get close they will discharge electricity to shock you which will both damage you and slow you down.

While not dangerous when there are a few of them, a swarm of them will quickly deplete your shield and health or allow other ground enemies to attack you while you have the electricity status effect slowing you down.

Deep Rock Galactic Trophy Guide • (19)Naedocyte Shocker

Deep Rock Galactic Trophy Guide • (20)Mactera Goo Bomber

Generally all flying creatures on Hoxxes are annoying with this one certainly being right up at the top. The Goo Bomber does not attack you directly, it will do flybys above you and spit a trail of green sticky goo that will cover a large area. Enemy and Dwarf alike will be tremendously slowed while inside the goo.

The Goo Bomber has more health than any other Mactera however they also have 2 large green weak points on either side of them which you can aim at while trying to kill it. There is also a Frost variant found in the
Glacial Strata region which shoots foam at you and will freeze you instead.

The main offensive Mactera come in 3 variants, the Spawn, the Tri-Jaw and the Brundle. All of these behave in similar ways and usually spawn in swarms that will quickly fly towards you and shoot their spit at you.

Mactera are bad on any Hazard Level but there is also a Mactera Plague modifier which increases the numbers in each wave that you will have to deal with. Like the Acid Spitter these creatures can kill you with 1 direct hit on Hazard Level 5 or a Deep Dive so they are the highest priority to deal with as soon as you see them, even over any ground forces.

Deep Rock Galactic Trophy Guide • (21)Mactera Spawn

Deep Rock Galactic Trophy Guide • (22)Mactera Grabber

Similar to the Cave Leech, this is one of the few enemies that can incapacitate a dwarf instantly. This is a large flying creature with long spindly legs that will beeline straight towards you with loud screeching noises and then grab you and fly away. If you are grabbed you will be unable to shoot or do anything and will have to sit there and watch the grabber fly around the map with you until one of your teammates or Bosco can shoot the grabber and it releases you.

If a Grabber has a dwarf it will fly around randomly looking for the highest point in the cave to drop them which will usually kill the dwarf from fall damage. It will usually drop a dwarf at any point as soon as you shoot it and damage them however if you do not kill them they will fly away, regroup and then pick a new dwarf to beeline towards to repeat the process. It is a high priority to kill these as soon as you see them.

The Naedocyte Breeders are the motherships to all Naedocyte variants. They do not attack themselves but instead produce the tiny floating electricity creatures to come after you endlessly until you deal with it.

If you see one floating along slowly it is highly recommended that you kill it as its spawn can make your life a nuisance for the rest of the mission. Like all flying enemies, if you can freeze the Naedocyte Breeder solid it will fall to the ground and shatter instantly killing it.

Deep Rock Galactic Trophy Guide • (23)Naedocyte Breeder

Deep Rock Galactic Trophy Guide • (24)Prospector Drone

The Prospector Drone is a large flying sentient robot that will initially be passive to dwarves if you stumble upon it, however as soon as you shoot it once it will turn hostile and a red health bar will show on your screen divided into 3 stages.

The Prospector itself does not attack you and will actually try to stay away from you, it behaves in a similar way to the Naedocyte Breeder in that it is a mothership that will spawn Patrol Bots and Shredders endlessly to attack you.When facing a Prospector it is advised to ignore the smaller robots and focus on the main Prospector, it does not have a huge amount of health so you should be able to wipe out each section pretty quickly. Once each bar has been depleted the Prospector will temporarily become invulnerable to regroup and then you will be able to attack it again. Upon its death most of the robots will also die however you may still have a few Patrol Robots left that you will need to kill.

The Q'ronar Youngling is one of 2 creatures that are often referred to as rollers or roly poly. They are long millipede like creatures that curl up into their shell to create a large rolling ball to roll around the cave.

These creatures are not dangerous when they are open, in fact they do not even attack in this open form however when they get rolling they will roll straight into you sending you flying across the terrain which gives you the initial damage from being hit plus any fall damage that you might get if falling from a great height. Just one of these creatures is enough to wipe out a team in a small confined space if you are not careful as when they are rolling they are also very quick. Having multiple Q'ronar in the same location means certain death if not dealt with as soon as possible!

Deep Rock Galactic Trophy Guide • (25)Q'ronar Youngling

Deep Rock Galactic Trophy Guide • (26)Spitball Infector

The Spitball Infector is a stationary plant like creature that will be curled up until you get close and then it uncurls to its full height and starts spitting at you. The attack itself takes a little bit to charge and you will clearly see the creature prepare to shoot at you, you can also avoid the projectile by strafing to the side.

If the projectile does hit you however expect a decent amount of damage, specially on higher Hazard Levels where this becomes a high priority to kill as soon as you see them. Like most creatures freezing the Spitball Infector and then shooting it will take huge chunks of health and you can kill them in a few seconds.

The Nayaka Trawler is one of the few creatures that will grab dwarves rendering them incapacitated and requiring help from Bosco or another teammate to free them.

These creatures are similar to large worms who will burrow into the ground and are extremely fast. Once it grabs a dwarf it will drag them across the cave for a while before finally letting go, if you do not take care of it quickly it will likely grab you again and repeat the cycle.

Deep Rock Galactic Trophy Guide • (27)Nayake Trawler

Deep Rock Galactic Trophy Guide • (28)Deeptora Bough Was Nest
Deep Rock Galactic Trophy Guide • (29)Burst Turret
Deep Rock Galactic Trophy Guide • (30)Cave Vine
Deep Rock Galactic Trophy Guide • (31)Deeptora Honeycomb
Deep Rock Galactic Trophy Guide • (32)Fester Flea
Deep Rock Galactic Trophy Guide • (33)Glyphid Spawn
Deep Rock Galactic Trophy Guide • (34)Golden Loot Bug
Deep Rock Galactic Trophy Guide • (35)Hexawing Gniffer
Deep Rock Galactic Trophy Guide • (36)Naedocyte Cave Cruiser
Deep Rock Galactic Trophy Guide • (37)Korlok Healing Pod
Deep Rock Galactic Trophy Guide • (38)Korlok Sprout
Deep Rock Galactic Trophy Guide • (39)Korlok Tyrant-Weed
Deep Rock Galactic Trophy Guide • (40)Loot Bug
Deep Rock Galactic Trophy Guide • (41)Mactera Brundle
Deep Rock Galactic Trophy Guide • (42)Mactera Tri-Jaw
Deep Rock Galactic Trophy Guide • (43)Maggot
Deep Rock Galactic Trophy Guide • (44)Mobula Cave Angel
Deep Rock Galactic Trophy Guide • (45)Naedocyte Hatchling
Deep Rock Galactic Trophy Guide • (46)Naedocyte Roe
Deep Rock Galactic Trophy Guide • (47)Glyphid Brood Nexus
Deep Rock Galactic Trophy Guide • (48)Carnivorous Larva
Deep Rock Galactic Trophy Guide • (49)Patrol Bot
Deep Rock Galactic Trophy Guide • (50)Q'ronar Shellback
Deep Rock Galactic Trophy Guide • (51)Repulsion Turret
Deep Rock Galactic Trophy Guide • (52)Shredder
Deep Rock Galactic Trophy Guide • (53)Silicate Harvester
Deep Rock Galactic Trophy Guide • (54)Sniper Turret
Deep Rock Galactic Trophy Guide • (55)Stabber Vine
Deep Rock Galactic Trophy Guide • (56)Xynarch Charge-Sucker

There are currently 10 regions or 'biomes' in Deep Rock Galactic. When opening up the World Map you will be able to see each region, how many missions there are inside it and which mission types. As the missions cycle every 30 minutes some regions will be out of range and you will be unable to select them until they are cycled back in.

Deep Rock Galactic Trophy Guide • (57)Azure Weald

"The Azure Weald is a chilly place, every bit as hostile as the rest of Hoxxes IV - but still, we cannot deny it is oddly beautiful. Dazzling, bioluminescent clusters of lichen light up the darkness, illuminating this fertile and overgrown Region in flickering neon colors. Don't let that lull you into a false sense of security however - the Azure Weald brings to mind the deep jungle, in all its splendor and horror - and much like its terrestrial counterparts, it is absolutely not out to make friends. Kill or be killed - this is the law in this place."

Azure Weald is full of plant life, almost everything is bright and colorful and will produce bioluminesce. The main issues with this biome is that it is oversaturated with purple and blue which can make locating anything that emit a light similar almost impossible to find while on missions in this region. Boolo Caps, Bittergems, Morkite are among the things that people might struggle to see in here. If that wasn't enough, these caverns are also on the larger side as well! Croppa is abundant in this region with Umanite also appearing in scarce veins.

"Among the most spectacular sights on Hoxxes, the aptly-named Crystalline Caverns are truly a sight to behold. Massive crystals erupt from every surface, glittering and twinkling in the dark. Alas, the larger crystals are mostly worthless silicate, but abundant deposits of valuable minerals dot the caves too."

The Crystal Caverns are generally regarded as the easiest region as it has the least amount of terrain hazards, it is also the first region that you unlock. It is generally one of the brighter regions with a lot of crystals that emit a blue glow or the electricity crystals that send arcs between each other (do not stand inside this unless you want to be zapped). If you need Jadiz here is the place to go with Bismor also present but scarce.

Deep Rock Galactic Trophy Guide • (58)Crystalline


Deep Rock Galactic Trophy Guide • (59)Dense Biozone

"Whoever said plant life needs access to sunlight has obviously never visited Hoxxes. This region is dominated by what can best be described as a subterranean rainforest - masses of writhing, (mostly carnivorous) plant life, producing entire microcosms of life deep within the crust of the planet. Tread with care."

The Dense Biozone is pretty hard to traverse with random holes or chasms all over the place, complete winding cave systems, flora that is mostly hostile and to top it all off there is almost no light sources here so you will need a lot of flares! If you want Bismor then come here with Umanite being on the rarer side.

"We're almost sorry to send employees in here, but the rewards are too great to ignore. So therefore: Welcome to the Fungus Bogs! A truly awful region, built mostly from slime, mold, stinging insects, fungus, stinking mud, and corrosive lichen."

One of the most annoying regions, the Fungus Bogs as aptly named is a swampy green mess with toxic mushrooms littering the floor and will release the spores into the air when you get close. On top of this you will also find a lot of the green goo that the Mactera produces but in large random pools covering anything it touches. You can find a lot of Croppa here and on the rare occasion Jadiz but you will likely want to leave as quickly as possible.

Deep Rock Galactic Trophy Guide • (60)Fungus Bogs

Deep Rock Galactic Trophy Guide • (61)Glacial


"At least one of our xenogeologists quit in a rage when research started on this region. Instead of having conventional polar ice caps, and in violation of all physical laws we know of, the continental plates of Hoxxes rest on top of a planetwide permafrost layer several miles deep. As always, DRG recommends a "don't ask" approach when dealing with the peculiarities of Hoxxes' makeup."

Hell has frozen over for this region, literally everything is a frozen tundra that often has earthquakes to open chasms usually while you are standing there, blizzards that slow you to a crawl and blind you from seeing and everything will be bathed in bright blue making Aquarq harder to find for Point Extraction missions. If that wasnt enough you will constantly need to monitor your temperature or you will literally freeze solid and have to break free, this could spell doom if a swarm is upon you. You can find a lot of Magnite here with Umanite being more rare.

"Hollow Bough is a biological oddity that has the Science Department scratching their heads - this entire region of the planet is dominated by collosal, organic conglomerations resembling the inside of hollow trees. However, these structures are under attack by an invasive species of voracious vine-like plants, as much a threat to us as the planet itself. We recommend traversing these environs with extreme caution. The deep, dark folds of wood and bark house much more than a first glance lets on."

Arguably the most annoying region to deal with. The Hollow Bough is essentially a giant dead tree being attacked by large red spiky vines. These vines will be continuously growing and forcing their way into all nooks and crannies, some of them you can hit and the vine will retreat for a short period of time only to grow back again. This region also has a lot of high and low places often requiring you to explore both to complete objectives, while the Scout might not have much difficulty here the other 3 classes will not enjoy it. There is also a lot of Jadiz here with Bismor as the runner up.

Deep Rock Galactic Trophy Guide • (62)Hollow


Deep Rock Galactic Trophy Guide • (63)Magma


"Among the deepest of our mining sites, the Magma Caves are a mellow 250-400 degrees and helpfully lit by the churning, molten innards of the planet. We advise that you do not touch anything not mandated by the mission objectives, as your employee insurance does not cover burns."

Likely the most dangerous region. As the name suggests, you are essentially inside a volcano. Everything is surrounded by lava, lava geysers, craters that have fire cracks in them that hurt when you walk across it, anything to do with heat this place has it. There will be a constant red glow around as well which can make looking for things a bit difficult. If you are after Magnite and Croppa you can find them here.

"Ravaged by thousands of years of high-intensity gamma radiation, this region of the planet is now a veritable hellhole of radioactive ash and decrepit, mutated flora. Move with great care, and pay particular attention that you maintain full detox procedure upon return."

Looking similar to the Crystal Caverns or the Salt Flats in regards to the environment, this place is full of radiation with both the creatures and the giant green crystals. If you stay too long near any of this you will quickly lose your health and die. You will also find these weird Purple eyes on some walls, they are passive and do not have any means of attack but they will follow you with their ever present gaze. Unamite is everywhere here with Enor Pearls also scattered around.

Deep Rock Galactic Trophy Guide • (64)Radioactive

Exclusion Zone

Deep Rock Galactic Trophy Guide • (65)Salt


"The Salt Pits of Hoxxes was once the location of a huge underground lake. It dried up billions of years ago and left huge crystallized deposits of red salt. Red salt - though worthless - tastes really good on Glyphid omelettes."

There is not much to say about this region as it is just average, it is similar in nature to the Crystal Caverns except this place is bathed in a red glow from the red salt Crystals everywhere. You can find a lot of Enor Pearls here with Bismor clumps being less common.

"This region is dominated by windblasted and arid tunnels reaching dozens of miles below ground. The particular composition of the surrounding rock means practically no moisture, resulting in one of the driest regions of the planet. With water being so precious, the inhabiting wildlife is particularly aggressive, ravenous for whatever fluids reside within their prey."

One of the best and easiest regions to play on alongside the Crystal Caverns. While this biome has earthquakes and sandstorms that will blind you, it really shines in that Sandstone is incredibly easy to mine into so ALL classes will be able to quickly traverse any cave system. You can find both Enor Pearls and Magnite here!

Deep Rock Galactic Trophy Guide • (66)Sandblasted


Below are the loadouts for all 4 classes and their Weapons and Equipment. You will always start with at least 1 item from each category as a default weapon and then need to unlock the others by reaching the requirements which will be locked behind Player Rank or Class Rank in the form of Assignments. You can check what assignments are available to you from the Assignment Terminal in the Space Rig. Generally assignments will appear when you are close to the requirement to start it. By the time you are Level 18 on each class you should have all potential Weapon Modifications unlocked for you to purchase and by Level 20 you should have all additional Weapon Assignments ready to be started.

Deep Rock Galactic Trophy Guide • (67)Driller

Primary Weapons
Deep Rock Galactic Trophy Guide • (68)CRSPR Flamethrower
Deep Rock Galactic Trophy Guide • (69)Cryo Cannon
Deep Rock Galactic Trophy Guide • (70)Corrosive Sludge Pump
Secondary Weapons
Deep Rock Galactic Trophy Guide • (71)Subata 120

Deep Rock Galactic Trophy Guide • (72)Driller

Deep Rock Galactic Trophy Guide • (73)Experimental Plasma Charger
Deep Rock Galactic Trophy Guide • (74)Reinforced Power Drills
Deep Rock Galactic Trophy Guide • (75)Satchel Charge
Deep Rock Galactic Trophy Guide • (76)"Mole" Armor Rig
Deep Rock Galactic Trophy Guide • (77)Impact Axe
Deep Rock Galactic Trophy Guide • (78)High Explosive Grenade
Deep Rock Galactic Trophy Guide • (79)Neurotoxin Grenade

Deep Rock Galactic Trophy Guide • (80)Engineer

Primary Weapons
Deep Rock Galactic Trophy Guide • (81)"Warthog" Auto 210
Deep Rock Galactic Trophy Guide • (82)"Stubby" Voltaic SMG
Deep Rock Galactic Trophy Guide • (83)LOK-1 Smart Rifle
Secondary Weapons
Deep Rock Galactic Trophy Guide • (84)Deepcore 40mm PGL

Deep Rock Galactic Trophy Guide • (85)Engineer

Deep Rock Galactic Trophy Guide • (86)Breach Cutter
Deep Rock Galactic Trophy Guide • (87)Platform Gun
Deep Rock Galactic Trophy Guide • (88)LMG Gun Platform
Deep Rock Galactic Trophy Guide • (89)"Owl" Armor Rig
Deep Rock Galactic Trophy Guide • (90)L.U.R.E.
Deep Rock Galactic Trophy Guide • (91)Plasma Burster
Deep Rock Galactic Trophy Guide • (92)Proximity Mine

Deep Rock Galactic Trophy Guide • (93)Gunner

Primary Weapons
Deep Rock Galactic Trophy Guide • (94)"Lead Storm" Powered Minigun
Deep Rock Galactic Trophy Guide • (95)"Thunderhead" Heavy Autocannon
Deep Rock Galactic Trophy Guide • (96)"Hurricane" Guided Rocket System
Secondary Weapons
Deep Rock Galactic Trophy Guide • (97)"Bulldog" Heavy Revolver

Deep Rock Galactic Trophy Guide • (98)Gunner

Deep Rock Galactic Trophy Guide • (99)BRT7 Burst Fire Gun
Deep Rock Galactic Trophy Guide • (100)Zipline Launcher
Deep Rock Galactic Trophy Guide • (101)Shield Generator
Deep Rock Galactic Trophy Guide • (102)"Barracuda" Armor Rig
Deep Rock Galactic Trophy Guide • (103)Sticky Grenade
Deep Rock Galactic Trophy Guide • (104)Incendiary Grenade
Deep Rock Galactic Trophy Guide • (105)Cluster Grenade

Deep Rock Galactic Trophy Guide • (106)Scout

Primary Weapons
Deep Rock Galactic Trophy Guide • (107)Deepcore GK2
Deep Rock Galactic Trophy Guide • (108)M1000 Classic
Deep Rock Galactic Trophy Guide • (109)DRAK-25 Plasma Carbine
Secondary Weapons
Deep Rock Galactic Trophy Guide • (110)Jury-Rigged Boomstick

Deep Rock Galactic Trophy Guide • (111)Scout

Deep Rock Galactic Trophy Guide • (112)Zhukov NUK17
Deep Rock Galactic Trophy Guide • (113)Grappling Hook
Deep Rock Galactic Trophy Guide • (114)Flare Gun
Deep Rock Galactic Trophy Guide • (115)"Fox" Armor Rig
Deep Rock Galactic Trophy Guide • (116)Inhibitor-Field Generator
Deep Rock Galactic Trophy Guide • (117)Cryo Grenade
Deep Rock Galactic Trophy Guide • (118)Pheromone Canister

All Weapons have a range of Weapon Modification options that you can pick from the Equipment Terminal on the Space Rig. Mods will be split into Tiersand as you level up your dwarf you will unlock all tiers and therefore all possible modifications. Once you reach Level 18 you should have all Mods unlocked for you to purchase with various resources that can be found in missions.

Overclockscome into play once you have Promoted a dwarf at least once and unlocked The Forge. To you can get Overclocks from various things like Deep Dives, Machine Events or Assignmentsand they will always be randomized for what weapon and class it goes to. You can only apply an overclock to the weapon once you have purchased at least one mod in all Tiers and you can only apply 1 overclock at a time.

Overclocks are split into 3 categories:

  1. Deep Rock Galactic Trophy Guide • (119)Clean - These will provide small positive boosts to the Weapon and have no drawbacks or negatives and will have a GREEN Frame.
  2. Deep Rock Galactic Trophy Guide • (120)Balanced -These will have a good positive boost AND a bad negative boost to even out the risk and will have a YELLOWFrame.
  3. Deep Rock Galactic Trophy Guide • (121)Unstable - These offer the biggest boosts but also the most severe negatives and will have a REDFrame.

At the time of writing this guide there are currently 124 Overclocks in the game. Given the live service model the developers will likely add or remove, buff or nerf overclocks so there is little point to include them in this guide. Each Class generally has around 30 Overclocks assigned to them between Weapon and Cosmetic so there will always be a large pool for you to test and play around with to find the best ones for your loadout and play style.

Deep Dives are end game content and are basically this games version of 'Raids'. There are 2 variants with the normal Deep Dive and the Elite Deep Dive. Both behave exactly the same just with the EDD being much harder than a regular DD. They will always have 3 stages with a different mission type per stage and you will have to do all 3 back to back with no breaks so you will need to allocate yourself at least an hour of time before attempting these. Deep Dives are also set apart from the normal 5 tier Hazard Level difficulty and this makes completing the Deep Dives the hardest thing you will do in the game.

(Video) 100 Deep Rock Galactic Tips and Tricks

Completing each stage of a Deep Dive will provide you with a Matrix Core reward giving you a total of 2 Blank Matrix Cores, 2 Weapon Overclock Matrix Cores and 2 Cosmetic Matrix Cores each week if you complete both Deep Dives each week. For more information on Deep Dives please see the Deep Dives DLC Trophy Guide.

The Forge is a Terminal that can be found on the Space Rig. It will onlyactivate and allow you to use it once you have Promoted at least 1 dwarf. The Forge specializes in creating Weapon Overclocks and Cosmetic Overclocks and will require an Infused Matrix Core to use. You can earn Matrix Cores from Assignments, Deep Dives and Machine Events. The more you use the Forge the more you will level up the Forge Mastery. Each time you forge an overclock you will also fill up 1 bar of experience towards the current rank of Forge Mastery. Once you have reached the max of the current level you will get a free Weapon or Cosmetic Overclock and then proceed to the next level of Forge Mastery.

There are a lot of items that you have to collect in the game in the form of Resourcesand Minerals. These will always be broken up into specific groups such as Primary Objectives and Crafting Materials. They will never interact with each other in the sense that you will never be required to collect Crafting Materials as a Primary Objective. Once you learn what each Resource does and what it looks like you will be able to quickly scan your surroundings and aim for the specific type that you need, even in dark caverns.

Beer Hops
Crafting Materials
Primary Objectives
Secondary Objectives
Barley Bulb
Malt Star
Starch Nut
Yeast Cone
Enor Pearl
Alien Artifact
Compressed Gold Chunk
Data Cell
Red Sugar
Tyrant Shard
Alien Egg
Data Rack
Mini-M.U.L.E. Leg
Oil Shale
Ommoran Heartstone
Alien Fossil
Apoca Bloom
Boolo Cap
Fester Flea
Gunk Seed
Deep Rock Galactic Trophy Guide • (122)Alien Artifact
Deep Rock Galactic Trophy Guide • (123)Alien Egg
Deep Rock Galactic Trophy Guide • (124)Apoca Bloom
Deep Rock Galactic Trophy Guide • (125)Aquarq
Deep Rock Galactic Trophy Guide • (126)Barley Bulb
Deep Rock Galactic Trophy Guide • (127)Bismor
Deep Rock Galactic Trophy Guide • (128)Bittergem
Deep Rock Galactic Trophy Guide • (129)Boolo Cap
Deep Rock Galactic Trophy Guide • (130)Compressed Gold Chunk
Deep Rock Galactic Trophy Guide • (131)Croppa
Deep Rock Galactic Trophy Guide • (132)Data Cell
Deep Rock Galactic Trophy Guide • (133)Data Rack
Deep Rock Galactic Trophy Guide • (134)Dystrum
Deep Rock Galactic Trophy Guide • (135)Ebonut
Deep Rock Galactic Trophy Guide • (136)Enor Pearl
Deep Rock Galactic Trophy Guide • (137)Fester Flea
Deep Rock Galactic Trophy Guide • (138)Fossils
Deep Rock Galactic Trophy Guide • (139)Gold
Deep Rock Galactic Trophy Guide • (140)Gunk Seed
Deep Rock Galactic Trophy Guide • (141)Hollomite
Deep Rock Galactic Trophy Guide • (142)Jadiz
Deep Rock Galactic Trophy Guide • (143)Magnite
Deep Rock Galactic Trophy Guide • (144)Malt Star
Deep Rock Galactic Trophy Guide • (145)Mini-M.U.L.E. Leg
Deep Rock Galactic Trophy Guide • (146)Morkite
Deep Rock Galactic Trophy Guide • (147)Nitra
Deep Rock Galactic Trophy Guide • (148)Oil Shale
Deep Rock Galactic Trophy Guide • (149)Ommoran Heartstone
Deep Rock Galactic Trophy Guide • (150)Red Sugar
Deep Rock Galactic Trophy Guide • (151)Starch Nut
Deep Rock Galactic Trophy Guide • (152)Tyrant Shard
Deep Rock Galactic Trophy Guide • (153)Umanite
Deep Rock Galactic Trophy Guide • (154)Yeast Cone

There are a variety of status effects in the game that largely affect the dwarves negatively when they are active. When a status effect is active it will show in the middle bottom of your screen for the duration of the effect with a lot of them being Damage over Time (DoT). A short explination of each effect is below.

Deep Rock Galactic Trophy Guide • (155)Berzerker -This is actually a Perk but the effect is the same name. In Berzerker mode the recharge time for the Pickaxe Power Attacks is greatly reduced allowing you to use the melee attack more.

Deep Rock Galactic Trophy Guide • (156)Corrosion -This will only be applied from the Driller'sSludge Pump. It is a DoT effect and is the dwarves answer to Mactera Goo Bombers. The sludge will slow down anything in its path while slowly damaging them and allow you to more easily kill them

Deep Rock Galactic Trophy Guide • (157)Fear -An effect that dwarves do TO creatures. If you have managed to instill the wrath of god into them and the fear effect is applied they will turn tail and flee from you. There are multiple ways to do this across all classes so there is too many to list here.

Deep Rock Galactic Trophy Guide • (158)Temperature Shock - This affects enemies only, it is essentially temperature extreme changes, from frozen to on fire or on fire to being frozen. If the effect is applied the creature will take a health hit.

Deep Rock Galactic Trophy Guide • (159)Shield Link -Another Perk that adds a status effect, while active the Shield Link will greatly increase the Shield Recharge Rate.

Deep Rock Galactic Trophy Guide • (160)Acid/Poison -Acid is a DoT effect that is produced by the Glyphid Acid Spitters or the Glyphid Praetorian's Acid Breath attack or the Death Cloud as well as the poison mushrooms that are littered all over the Fungus Bogs Region.

Deep Rock Galactic Trophy Guide • (161)Webbed -An almost self explanatory effect and a universally same result from any game or real life. If you walk into a Spiderweb that is either hanging from a cave ceiling or if you have been hit from the Glyphid Web Spitters, you will have both your vision obscured and your movement speed severely reduced.

Deep Rock Galactic Trophy Guide • (162)Electrocution -When you are electrocuted you will be both damaged and slowed down to a walk. There are several weapons that can deal electric damage such as the Engineers Breach Cutter if the right Overclock is active. Boscoalso has a Mod to deal electric damage.

You will likely only experience the effect yourself from the Naedocyte variants that fly after you like annoying flies.

Deep Rock Galactic Trophy Guide • (163)On Fire -As the name suggests, this will cause fire damage over time for the duration of the effect. You can get this from any source of fire such as the Magma Core Region or the Driller's Flamethrower.

Deep Rock Galactic Trophy Guide • (164)Frozen -This can affect both enemies and dwarves alike. Everything in the game has a 'freezing point' where there bar slowly fills, if it reaches 100% you or an enemy will freeze solid in which case you can do huge amounts of damage to an enemy or take damage from them. The Driller'sCryo Cannon or the Glacial Strata Region will be the main offenders here.

Deep Rock Galactic Trophy Guide • (165)Sticky Goo -Another annoying status effect to be hit with, this will slow you down to a crawl and lower all reaction speeds from aiming to jumping. Both the Green Sticky Goo from Mactera Goo Bombers and the Pink Goo from the Sentinels that come with the Dreadnought Hiveguard will act the same. Avoid the goo if possible and continually jump to get out of it if stuck.

Deep Rock Galactic Trophy Guide • (166)Neurotoxin -There are a few weapons that have Neurotoxin in them such as the Neurotoxin Grenade or the Gunner's "Thunderhead" Heavy Autocannon with the right Overclock Mod. The status itself deals a DoT effect that will both slow enemies down and slowly poison them.

Deep Rock Galactic Trophy Guide • (167)Suffocation -This is exclusive to the Low Oxygen Warning Modifier that can be applied to any mission. When playing these missions you will have an O2 Bar that holds your current levels of Oxygen. Once this has reached 0% you will start to suffocateand take large amounts of damage until you die within a few seconds. Always make sure to keep an eye on your O2 Levels!

Deep Rock Galactic Trophy Guide • (168)Pheromones -One of the rarer effects that only has 2 ways to activate currently. If something is affected by pheromones enemies in the immediate area will focus on it and attack it. The Scouthas a Pheromone Canister that he can throw and the Glyphid Dreadnought will pick a dwarf at random to focus all their attacks on.

Deep Rock Galactic Trophy Guide • (169)Radiation -Radiation behaves the same in real life and any game that has it. It is a DoT status effect and will damage you the longer you stay within range of the radiation. Take extreme caution when playing on the Radioactive Exclusion Zone Region or using the Engineer's Nuke.

Deep Rock Galactic Trophy Guide • (170)Stun -Perhaps the most annoying effect to get hit with, a stun is almost 100% guaranteed anytime a Glyphid Grunt Slasher is involved and will slow you to a crawl. There are also a large amount of enemies that are actually immune to being stunned such as the Bulk Detonators.

Machine Events are random events that can spawn inside regular missions that you are playing on. There are currently 4 Machine Events in the game, it is always worth starting an event because you will earn a decent amount of XP for finding and then starting one, even if you fail or intentionally walk away.

Machine Events if completed will require a Blank Matrix Core to insert into the same terminal that you used the Tritilyte Key to start the actual event. This box will then proceed to give you 3 options to choose from, all will be a Weapon Overclock or a Cosmetic Overclock for a specific class. It will be randomized which overclock you will receive so you are not guaranteed to get an overlock for the class that you are currently playing on. Furthermore not all overclocks are positive and actually enhance your weapon. Overclocks will have green positives and red negatives and it will be up to the player to decide if they want to actually purchase and use the overclock at The Forge.

Machine Event


Ebonite Mutation

This event will have you kill a swarm of Ebonite Glyphids that can only be damaged by Melee Attacks. The machine will spit out canisters that will reduce the Pickaxe Power Attack cooldown so you can keep killing the Glyphids.

Kursite Infection

An analyzer machine will analyze enemies that spawn around you, some will have blue skin and yellow crystals on them. The goal here is to kill these enemies so that they drop the Kursite and then take the Kursite back to the machine.

Omen Modular Exterminator

The most annoying event to attempt and is probably better to skip for another event. When starting this event you will have Modular Extermination Towers spawn in and the objective is to destroy the cooling tanks on them.

The tanks however are protected with a shield that you will need to deactivate by first standing on the 3 platforms around the tower until you get authorization and it will open up the cooling tanks that will glow green to shoot at.

The tower has 3 levels with one being a Pulse Beam that pumps out purple beams across the ground, a red laser at the top of the tower that spins around and finally a machine gun that searches with a red light and if you are in its gaze you will be shot. In addition to all this the tower will send out small drones to attack you plus you will still have to deal with the regular enemies of the mission while fighting the tower.Overall it is extremely confusing in how to complete the tower as there is little information given to players and with the large amount of things happening on screen at once it is highly recommended to avoid it completely or watch a video on YouTube first to learn how to defeat it.

Tritilyte Crystal

Once you start this event there will be 3 lasers trying to cut the large crystal, a Nanite Bomb Dispenser will also shortly land close to this event. The goal here is to run over to the dispenser and walk back and throw the bombs at the crystal to destroy it before the timer reaches zero.


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