Elder Scrolls Online: 12 Best Skills For The Sorcerer Class (2023)

The Sorcerer class started off as the main Magicka-based toon when The Elder Scrolls Online first released. Since the beginning, it has remained as one of the most popular classes to use, whether it be for PvE or PvP. It's now also one of the best stamina DPS, especially in PvP. With the right build, it can be one of the hardest-hitting classes in the game. Being able to summon pets to aid them in battle just makes them deadlier.

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It's not just their attacks that make them lethal. They have abilities that can give them amazing buffs and have shields that can take a lot of damage. Here are ten skills that players should have if they plan on playing as this powerful class.

Updated October 5, 2021 by Sarah Prado: The Sorcerer continues to remain a popular class in ESO in both PvP and PvE. With Update 31 releasing new armor sets, this class has become even deadlier. These abilities have remained steady staples for the Sorcerer, whether for PvE or PvP. The Sorcerer class mostly caters to those wanting to be either magicka or stamina DPS. Both are some of the hardest hitters in the game and have plenty of class abilities to help them out. Sorcerer tanks and healers will find some use in them as well since a few abilities raise stats. Many of the abilities were listed before Update 31, but are still useful and two more abilities have been added.

12 Crystal Fragments: Spam Attack While Lowering Cost

Elder Scrolls Online: 12 Best Skills For The Sorcerer Class (1)

The Magicka morph of the skill Crystal Shard. It's one of the most annoying abilities to be used PvP. A lot of Magicka Sorcerers will use this ability as their spam attack because it hits really hard and the next non-Ultimate ability used within three seconds will cost 10% less. Casting a Magicka ability has a 35% chance of making the next Crystal Fragments to be instant, deal 66% more damage, and 50% less.

With this and depending on the player character's race and build, Crystal Fragments can be one of the hardest-hitting abilities in the game.

11 Streak: Make A Quick Getaway

Elder Scrolls Online: 12 Best Skills For The Sorcerer Class (2)

A morph of the ability of Bolt Escape. It stuns almost all enemies the player passes by for three seconds. It's great for any role of the Sorcerer because it's usually used to make a quick getaway from enemies. Enemies cannot block this attack. The damage done is based on the player's highest offensive stat. The only downside to using this ability is that if the player casts it again within four seconds, it will cost 33% more Magicka.

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10 Negate Magic: Stun And Silent Surrounding Enemies

  • Ultimate Morph: Suppression Field
  • Ultimate Morph: Absorption Field

One of the most powerful Ultimate abilities in the game. This Ultimate creates a magical field around the player that negates all Magicka-based abilities for 12 seconds. When used in PvP, this can cancel out a lot of players' abilities if positioned right. Suppression Field will stun enemies and silence player enemies in the field. It will also damage all enemies every 0.5 seconds while they're in the field.

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Absorption Field will only silence enemies and stun player enemies. Instead of doing extra damage to players, this field will heal the player and their group.The player and their group can inside this bubble to prevent enemy players from using their magicka abilities while getting healed.

9 Lightning Form: Run Fast And Hit Hard

Elder Scrolls Online: 12 Best Skills For The Sorcerer Class (4)
  • Stamina Morph: Hurricane
  • Magicka Morph: Boundless Storm

An ability that is great for any role for the Sorcerer. It gives players Major Resolve, which increases their physical and spell resistance. Plus, it gives players Major Expedition, which increases their movement speed by 30% for four seconds. Hurricane is great for stamina DPS because it deals physical damage to nearby enemies every one second for 15 seconds. It grows stronger in damage and size, dealing up to 150% more damage and up to nine meters in size.

Boundless Storm doesn't increase in size or damage, but it does increase in power if morphed to this. Players will receive Major Resolve and Major Expedition, which is great for Magicka users since extra resistance is always nice and they don't move as fast as stamina DPS. One thing that's great about this morph is that players get Major Expedition for a small period of time after activation.

8 Summon Winged Twilight: A Pet That Heals And Fights

Elder Scrolls Online: 12 Best Skills For The Sorcerer Class (5)
(Video) Sorcerer Overview and Skills showcase - Elder Scrolls Online
  • Magikca Morph: Summon Winged Tormentor
  • Magicka Morph: Summon Winged Matriarch

One of the best things about the Sorcerer class is being able to summon Daedra into battle. The Winged Twilight is great for almost all roles for the Sorcerer. It does damage to enemies and activating its special ability heals allies. Another great thing about it, the Winged Twilight stays out unless it's killed or unsummoned. The Winged Tormentor is the best option for DPS since it does its base damage, but does its special ability will do up to 53% more damage to enemies with 50% or higher health for 15 seconds.

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The Winged Matriarch is more suited for healers or supportive tanks. The Matriarch will do damage to enemies, but its special ability is to burst heal up to two friendly targets.

7 Summon Charged Atronach: Stun And Hit Enemies Mercilessly

Elder Scrolls Online: 12 Best Skills For The Sorcerer Class (6)

A morph of the Ultimate ability Summon Storm Atronach. When summoned, the Charged Atronach will deal shock damage and stun enemies around its summoning area for three seconds. It will attack one nearby continuously while damaging other enemies surrounding it periodically.

To make it even better, an ally can activate the Charged Lightning synergy to give themselves and the Atronach Major Berserk, which increases their damage by 10% for eight seconds.

6 Hardened Ward: Shield Yourself And Pets

Elder Scrolls Online: 12 Best Skills For The Sorcerer Class (7)

A morph of the ability Conjured Ward. Hardened Ward is one of the best shields in the game. It puts a shield around the player and their pets if they have any summoned. The strength of the shield caps out at 60% based on the player's max health instead of the usual 50%.

Combining this ability with Lightning Form is one of the most popular combos among Sorcerers because of how strong it makes their resistance and gives them a shield for a short period of time. It's especially a favorite among DPS because it makes them pretty tanky and less likely to get killed in battle.

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5 Summon Unstable Familiar: Small In Stature, Mighty In Power

Elder Scrolls Online: 12 Best Skills For The Sorcerer Class (8)
  • Magicka Morph: Summon Unstable Clannfear
  • Magicka Morph: Summon Volatile Familiar

Another ability that lets Sorcerers summon a Daedra to fight for them. It continues to fight until it’s killed in battle and relentlessly attacks enemies. The Summon Volatile Familiar morph is usually chosen by magicka DPS and does stronger damage. What makes this morph special is that the final pulse of its special ability will hit all enemies hit by it for three seconds.

The Summon Unstable Clannfear does cost magicka to summon it but is usually the morph chosen by stamina DPS. This morph does physical damage instead of shock damage. The special ability for the Clannfear will heal itself and the player. This comes in handy for stamina DPS since most tend to use Vigor, a healing ability that costs stamina and drains the player’s resources for attacks. Players can use the Clannfear’s special ability which costs magicka and not have to worry about using up stamina.

4 Liquid Lightning: A Useful Synergy That Damages

Elder Scrolls Online: 12 Best Skills For The Sorcerer Class (9)

One of the morphs of the Lightning Splash ability. Liquid Lightning is the more popular version since it lasts four seconds longer than the Lightning Flood morph. It does shock damage to nearby enemies every second for 14 seconds. It may not hit the hardest, but Sorcerers also use this ability to give their allies a synergy to hit.

The synergy does more damage to surrounding enemies and will give the ally that activates it a little bit of resources if they have learned the proper passive abilities. It’s especially great if a tank is running low and needs a synergy. A Sorcerer can aim this at them and give them a boost.

3 Dark Exchange: Restore Resources At A Cost

Elder Scrolls Online: 12 Best Skills For The Sorcerer Class (10)
  • Stamina Morph: Dark Deal
  • Magicka Morph: Dark Conversion

An ability that should be used wisely, but will come in handy if a player's main resources are falling low. Dark Deal is great for stamina DPS because it will cost Magicka to use and restore both health and stamina for a little over 20 seconds. Because it uses Magicka, stamina DPS might find themselves not being able to use Magicka-based abilities such as Streak or Lightning Form for a few seconds. It's best to use this ability at a safe distance if possible.

(Video) BECOME A ONE BAR GOD! 95k DPS The Best Magicka Sorcerer Build for ESO

Dark Conversion uses stamina and will restore health and Magicka. It does have a reduced cost, but most Magicka-based toons tend to have a low stamina pool. Using it might keep Magicka-based Sorcerers from roll dodging or blocking, but with their Magicka restored, they can Streak away and shield up.

2 Daedric Tomb: Hit Enemies Hard And Immobilize Them

Elder Scrolls Online: 12 Best Skills For The Sorcerer Class (11)

A morph of the ability Daedric Mines. Daedric Tomb can be placed anywhere within 28 meters. Instead of having to wait three seconds for it to arm, Daedric Tomb arms instantly. Once triggered, it will damage and immobilize enemies for two seconds.

It can be easily dodged by enemy players, but if strategically placed, it can be one of the hardest-hitting abilities. With it being able to immobilize enemies, it can give a player's group the advantage to wipe out enemy players.

1 Critical Surge: Increase Damage For About Half A Minute

Elder Scrolls Online: 12 Best Skills For The Sorcerer Class (12)

A morph of the ability Surge. Critical Surge is a must-have for the Sorcerer in almost any role. Stamina and Magicka DPS love this ability because it gives them Major Brutality and Sorcery, which increases their weapon and spell damage by 20% for 33 seconds. This is one of the main reasons why Sorcerers can hit so hard and have remained one of the favorite classes for PvP.

Sorcerer healers also love this ability because it increases their spell damage. High spell damage means stronger heals. With it lasting 33 seconds, healers can focus more on healing and supporting the group without worrying about it running out quickly.

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