The Best Weapons For Each Class In Deep Rock Galactic (2023)

Each class in Deep Rock Galactic has a primary gear set. It comes with a throwable, a primary and secondary weapon, and a support tool. Through advancing in class level and unlocking assignments, you can buy new primary and secondary weapons.

While changing your guns is fun, only some of them are actually helpful when it comes to bosses and waves in the deep rocks. What weapon a dwarf chooses to kill his foe with is his business. But below are the more efficient options when it comes to getting in and out of a job in a timely manner.

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Update on February 11, 2022, by Sharnelle Earle: Deep Rock Galactic is introducing Seasons to the game. This means larger updates that will add new missions, weapons, and more. Each dwarf started off with only four weapons. As the developers work hard at making each Season better, there will be tons of different loadouts and builds for players to explore. The best weapons depend on your playstyle and build, but some of these guns stand out from the rest among the community.


12 Driller: Cryo Cannon

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The Driller's two primary weapons are either the cryo cannon or a flamethrower. Flamethrowers are chaotic and useful in their own right, but freezing enemies is more efficient.

Setting bugs ablaze causes them all to gradually take passive damage, along with other attacks. However, hitting them with a cryo cannon stops them in place for a good while, making them unable to do any harm. Not only will they stop hurting you and your dwarf friends, but if you freeze flying enemies, they will drop to the ground. This makes them shatter like glass, killing them instantly.

11 Driller: Impact Axe

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The Impact Axe is a throwable item the Driller has, much like grenades. This axe is a much cooler version of throwing a grenade. It does just as much damage, with added explosive damage at the end of its throw.

Instead of throwing a grenade into a pack of enemies and hoping for the best, you can instead aim axes at their heads for the same damage. Who doesn't want that?

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10 Gunner: Hurricane

This Guided Rocket System is a new primary weapon for the Gunner from Season 01 Rival Incursion. This rocket launcher has nine missiles that are shot and guided toward the enemy with the rate of fire being three.

The Hurricane comes with five Overclocks that will increase velocity, damage, and even the way the missiles behave. This is a top tier rocket launcher that's useful in heavy boss fights, rather than being used in simple collection missions.

9 Gunner: Powered Minigun

The Best Weapons For Each Class In Deep Rock Galactic (4)

The Gunner can have two different large weapons: the minigun or the autocannon. The autocannon hits harder, but with a delay in the rate of fire. The reason the minigun stands to be more powerful is that it has an instant rate of fire, allowing you to mow down enemies quickly.

When dealing with waves, this is more efficient. When dealing with a dreadnaught mission, you might want to switch to the autocannon.

8 Gunner: Cluster Grenade

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The cluster grenade releases multiple different, smaller explosives that get launched in various directions. This allows you to do major damage to multiple targets even if they aren't close by, instead of believing in the blast radius of a normal grenade.

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However, the day the cluster grenade becomes useless is the day you use it while your fellow dwarves are in the mix. There is friendly fire in Deep Rock Galactic and while you do less damage to other dwarves, you can certainly down them and make surviving difficult.

7 Scout: Semi-Automatic Rifle

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The Scout comes with two potential primary weapons: an assault rifle and a semi-automatic rifle. The assault rifle is a basic weapon all players can get the hang of. That's just one of the many reasons playing Scout first is better. But the semi-automatic rifle hits harder and is more efficient.

The semi-automatic rifle has a smaller rate of fire but does more damage to bosses, faster than the assault rifle. The best way to go about this is by saving your semi-automatic rifle for mini bosses and bosses and using your secondary weapon primarily for smaller enemy waves.

6 Scout: Cryo Grenade

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The Driller may have a cryo cannon, the very opposite of a flamethrower, but the Scout has a cryo grenade. These two weapons have the exact same effect and are highly effective in combat. Stopping enemies in their tracks allows your teammates to take a breather and kill bugs instantly before they get a chance to break free.

A situation that will require freezing enemies is when a teammate is downed and there is a pile of bugs on him. By throwing a cryo grenade and freezing them all in place, you can pick up your teammate without risking your own health.

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5 Engineer: L.U.R.E

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The Engineer's primary grenade isn't really a grenade at all. It's a device that distracts enemies for a short while called LURE. The device shoots a hologram of a dwarf doing the many dances you can do in the Space Rig at the juke box. The bugs love to see it.

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LURE is great for dire situations like needing to pick up a downed teammate. When things get too tough, you'll need the enemies to look somewhere else for a change. If you're waiting at the drop pod for your other dwarves or for the mule, throwing down LURE can also be helpful there.

4 Engineer: LOK-1 Smart Rifle

The Best Weapons For Each Class In Deep Rock Galactic (9)

The LOK-1 Smart Rifle is a new primary weapon for the Engineer that released in Season 01 Rival Incursion. This is a rifle with multiple functions. It's a one shot, 21 damage weapon that will also lock onto multiple enemies for you if you hold down the button to fire.

Locking and targeting enemies will be easier in a crowd or in the dark with this second function. Six Overclocks are available for the LOK-1 Smart Rifle.

3 Engineer: Deepcore PGL

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The Engineer's secondary weapons actually hit the hardest compared to his primary weapons. Both are either a grenade launcher or a plasma blade launcher called the Breach Cutter. The Breach Cutter is definitely the cooler option since it shoots bright purple plasma in a line that's long enough to take down multiple enemies.

The reason the grenade launcher is on the list instead is because, well, it's a grenade launcher. Great for bosses and doing major damage from afar. If you still want that plasma damage, he also has a plasma grenade you can unlock at the Equipment terminal.

2 Engineer: Gun Platform

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The Gun Platform is also known as turrets. The Engineer can place and build sentry turrets that will defend an area for you. This is a situational device most useful for protecting certain areas like the drop pod or an uplink machine during mini mule missions.

Reloading them is pretty fast and they take down smaller enemies with ease. If you find yourself stationary during a mission, dropping down some turrets could put your mind at ease while you mine. You'll have to upgrade the Gun Platform tool at the Equipment terminal to be able to put down more than one turret.

1 How To Unlock More Weapons In Deep Rock Galactic

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Now, how do you even get some of these weapons?

You have to go to the Assignments terminal in the Space Rig. This can be found right beside the drop pod and across from the missions table. By getting to class levels 10 to 15, you'll be able to unlock the assignments to buy these weapons.

You must complete the assignments given to you through missions. Once they are all completed, the new gun will be unlocked at your Equipment terminal for purchase. It will then cost you some credits and ore before you can actually use it.

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