[Top 3] Deep Rock Galactic Best Deepcore GK2 Builds (2023)

Usually dwarves enjoy having their feet on the ground, but the Scout likes to be the exception; he’s a soaring menace that brings his team mobility, utility and hilarious moments. Scout’s arsenal is directed towards single target damage, from your run of the mill assault rifle to a crossbow. With these tools, this class’ playstyle centers around kiting bugs and focusing on priority targets while your team takes care of the swarms.

In this article we’ll be focusing on Deepcore GK2, Scout’s first primary weapon. The GK2 is a serviceable assault rifle, which can kill smaller bugs quickly, but excels at dealing damage to bigger targets, if you shoot their weak spots. Season 3 brought buffs to this weapon, bringing it on par with the other primaries, and now it’s a great choice to bring to any mission.

We won’t keep you waiting anymore, so here’s our best builds for the Deepcore GK2.

3. Homebrew Powder

[Top 3] Deep Rock Galactic Best Deepcore GK2 Builds (1)

Why not add a little bit of randomness to your missions? Homebrew Powder centers around the overclock with the same name, which randomizes your damage. This build is centered around kiting and mobility, two things the Scout excels at. The GK2 perk selection is very flexible, so you can take whatever suits your playstyle. The build we’ve tested is simple, but it will do well for you in all situations.

What Homebrew Powder Excels In?

  • It’s a very simple and flexible build, serviceable in all situations.
  • Your damage can skyrocket if Homebrew Powder rolls high.
  • You will be able to kite bugs easily, since this build allows for movement speed increases.

Use This Build If…

  • You prefer using clean overclocks.
  • You like flexible builds that you can change easily depending on the next mission.
  • You like running around like a madman.

Build details

Gyro Stabilization: This perk will increase the accuracy of your first shot by nullifying the base spread. This will help you be pinpoint accurate to hit those weak spots reliably.

Increased Caliber Rounds: Taking a damage perk will up the minimum damage you can roll with Homebrew Powder, and by extension, the maximum damage.

High Capacity Magazine: Having a bigger magazine will let you shoot for longer before having to reload.

Hollow-Point Bullets: The GK2 is a weak spot menace, and this perk increases its potential to deal with bigger enemies.

Battle Frenzy: Whenever you kill an enemy you’ll gain a boost of speed, helping you move around the battlefield quickly and effectively.

Overclock - Homebrew Powder: This overclock will randomize your damage, going from 80% to 140%.

2. Bullets of Mercy

[Top 3] Deep Rock Galactic Best Deepcore GK2 Builds (2)

This build’s name is deceptive, since you will show no mercy by using this build! We chose the Bullets of Mercy overclock because it synergises well with Scout, and even other classes. This overclock increases your damage by 50% whenever you’re shooting enemies that are suffering from status effects, which are aplenty in Deep Rock Galactic. The Scout has great supporting tools to inflict said status effects, and your teammates will most likely bring gear that will do as well! This means that you’ll have a virtually permanent buff for the GK2, bringing it to new heights!

What Bullets Of Mercy Excels In?

  • This build improves the GK2’s damage greatly, making it fantastic in any situation.
  • This build is still versatile, letting you change it as you see fit.
  • Bullets of Mercy doesn’t have a very noticeable downside, which will let you unleash the potential of the GK2.
  • It synergises with the rest of your tools, especially with your grenades!

Use This Build If…

  • You own this overclock. Seriously, it’s great and it will make the GK2 feel great.
  • You want to dish out as much damage as possible (if you meet the condition necessary).
  • You like flexible builds that are serviceable in all situations.

Build details

Supercharged Feed Mechanism: On this build we like to take increased rate of fire, to take advantage of the window opened by any status effects.

Expanded Ammo Bags: We like to take ammo bags here so we can keep shooting, since Bullets of Mercy already increases your damage. If you need even more damage, you can take the damage perk in this tier instead.

High Capacity Magazine: Having more magazine size means less time spent reloading.

Hollow-Point Bullets: The GK2 is a weak spot beast, so we’re going deep on it with this perk.

Stun: Since Bullets of Mercy deals more damage to enemies that are afflicted by status effects, being able to stun them brings yet another status effect to increase your damage reliably.

Overclock - Bullets of Mercy: This overclock will increase the weapon’s damage to targets afflicted by status effects by 50%, while decreasing your magazine size.

  • +50% Bonus Damage to Afflicted Targets
  • x0.6 magazine size

1. AIStability Engine

[Top 3] Deep Rock Galactic Best Deepcore GK2 Builds (3)

What if we told you that you can shoot an assault rifle and have no recoil at all times? Sounds like a dream? The AI Stability Engine overclock makes this dream come true! This build is centered around the aforementioned overclock, which makes the GK2 a discount sniper. You’ll have no recoil while shooting and faster spread recovery, letting you be extremely accurate in all situations. And as the icing on the cake, AI Stability Engine also increases the damage you deal to weak spots, letting you mow down through high priority targets like they were made of butter! Since the GK2 is a weapon focused on dealing damage to high priority targets, this accuracy and damage buffs will provide you with very reliable DPS so you can kill those pesky Praetorians by shooting their glowing butts!

What Makes AI Stability Engine Great?

  • You’ll be extremely accurate with your shots, letting you dish punishment to exactly the targets you want.
  • Even though the overclock we’re using lowers damage, this build still provides consistent dps, letting you reach those much needed breakpoints.
  • This build is very flexible and it’ll do no wrong in any situation.
  • With this build you’ll become the high priority target killer, since the overclock increases your weak spot damage.

Use This Build If…

  • You like being very accurate with your shots.
  • You want a flexible build that is able to deal with any situation.
  • You want to be accurate from range.
  • You plan on dealing with high priority targets.

Build details

Supercharged Feed Mechanism: Since with this build the GK2 won’t have any recoil, having more rate of fire won’t bring any downsides to your accuracy.

Increased Caliber Rounds: AI Stability Engine lowers your base damage, which we are countering by taking this perk.

High Capacity Magazine: The other perk in this tier is useless for this build, so we’re taking a bigger magazine size, so we can shoot more before having to reload.

Hollow-Point Bullets: With your pinpoint accuracy you’ll be able to shoot weak spots reliably, so we’re increasing the damage you deal to them by taking this perk.

Improved Gas System: As we explained in the first tier, rate of fire won’t hinder you, it will instead increase your dps without any downsides.

Overclock - AI Stability Engine: This overclock takes down all recoil, increases the spread recovery and increases the weak spot damage of the GK2 while decreasing its general damage and rate of fire.

  • x0 Recoil
  • x9 Spread Recovery Speed
  • +50% Weakpoint Damage Bonus
  • -1 Damage
  • -2 Rate of Fire

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